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Biomed Resource, LLC.

Biomed Resource, LLC., a California-based company, was formed to supply quality products for the biotechnology and healthcare industries in the United States. As a self-manufacturer and wholesaler, we offer an extensive array of products, including: medical and laboratory plastic wares, clean room supplies, hospital disposables, and more. With several factory operations overseas and warehouse headquarters in the U.S., we have strategic locations to minimize delivery time and provide an unparalleled level of convenience for our customers.

BioMed Plastics Co., a China-based ISO-certified factory, produces medical and laboratory plastic products with our injection and blow molding machines. BioMed also partially owns Mawei Textile, a factory that produces medical garments and bedding products. With our self-manufacturing capabilities, our products stay very competitive both in pricing and quality - which matches or exceeds U.S. and international standards. We are also able to provide OEM and other customized services for our customers.

To ensure our products always have the cutting edge, we have strong design teams located in the U.S. and China constantly aiming to achieve higher standards and better medical innovations. We carefully regulate each step in the process - from manufacturing to sourcing, consolidation, and logistics, to guarantee successful product delivery for each shipment. All our products are FDA registered and well-proven in the market.

As a result, we offer a unique opportunity to provide top-quality products, responsive customer service, and highly cost-effective purchasing options for all our customers.


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Biomed Resource offers full product customization in over twenty healthcare and scientific categories.

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