OEM Services: Full Product Customization

OEM and other Customizable Options

Our main factory, Biomed Plastics Co., located in Shanghai, and our textiles manufacturer, Mawei Textile, are able to produce need-specific products to tailor every specification, style, color, and/or purpose. We have dedicated mold-producing and maintaining crews that carefully adjust our equipment and machines to ensure only the finest end products.

Sourcing Information

We have sourcing teams in Asia, including China, India, Thailand, and Malaysia, - Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. When customers send requests, we notify our overseas teams, who will then find manufacturers capable of producing the desired products. After obtaining price quotes and samples from at least three unique factories, we carefully evaluate each manufacturer through rigorous product tests and factory inspections. Our quality control team is sent to the factory for the entire production period, until the products leave the port of origin. We take care of all logistics responsibilities to ensure the products are delivered on a timely basis. We require a certain deposit for sourcing inquiries.




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Biomed Resource offers full product customization in over twenty healthcare and scientific categories.

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